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Posted by : Ayasaki Rem Aug 18, 2013

Question 1 - Which is not a faction base?
Answer - Pixu Palace
Question 2 - Which is not in the faction base?
Answer - Copper-sparrow platform

Question 3 - What is the Maximum Level for a Faction Base?
Answer - 30
Question 4 - Can anybody enter faction base at non-battle time?
Answer - No, I can only enter my own faction base
Question 5 - How do you upgrade a Faction's Rank?
Answer - Gain enough Faction Contribution
Question 6 - After a faction's rank has been upgraded, they can accumulate another type of point used to upgrade the faction's constellation map. What are these points called?
Answer - Constellation
Question 7 - A faction based will be disbanded if the faction doesn't reach the required amount of which of the following?
Answer - Health
Question 8 - How do you upgrade a Faction's Rank?
Answer - Constellation Points
Question 9 - Players can obtain contribution by doing which quest?
Answer - Faction Quest
Question 10 - If a player levels a faction, what happens to their contribution?
Answer - It resets to 0

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